A heart-warming, foot-tapping, feel-good show about Us – South Africans.

South Africans re-define diversity. We embrace it.  And nowhere is our uniqueness more prevalent than in our music.

With 11 official languages, music is our universal language.

The power of South African music has changed our world because it has changed our people whether it is a stadium full of people singing “Shosholoza” or a group of friends partying to Mango Groove and Mi Casa.

Music has been the soundtrack to our 20 years of democracy. It is with music that we rejoice to the beat of our ancestors or feel the pulse of our youth. “Jabulani” will have you singing along as it takes you on a musical journey, celebrating the great South African songbook, the legendary South African musicians who united us as a nation and those that continue to write our story.

As our beloved Madiba said: “It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world … and at peace with myself.”

Jabulani is a modular show concept where the client gets to design the show around their own event, each module has been tailored to suit different parts of an event with a slower starter set, building to an uptempo and celebratory dessert set.

Four performers reflecting South Africa’s cultural diversity bring to life this magical journey into what makes us unique as South Africans.